The Scott Seamen Sports Arena, M.D. of Foothills #31 in Alberta, Canada has taken their snow melt pit one step further and installed a system that recycles the ice shavings which are melted within the pit and then treated and stored in an outside retention tank.

This water is then put directly back into the Zamboni for the next ice resurfacing.

The arena is saving 60% of the water (300,000 gallons out of the previously 500,000 gallons) and $40,000 in hauling fees.

This solution could be transferred to all indoor ice arenas for any municipality striving to be more responsible with its potable water resources.

Besides using recycled (grey) water for ice resurfacing, it can be used in washroom toilets and urinals and for landscaping and irrigation.


  • Cutting potable water consumption by 60%
  • Safeguarding the community’s potable water supply


  • Water
  • Cost
  • CO2

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