Insulating hot water pipes can reduce heat loss in arenas. The water temperature will be raised by 2°F–4°F (apx. -16.7°C – -15.6°C) compared to uninsulated pipes. This in turn allows to reduce the water temperature setting at the boiler.

Hot water will be available faster when the faucet or shower head is turned on. This helps to conserve water. Every decrease of 41°F (apx. 5°C) will save up to 5% on water bill. Insulated hot water pipes can reduce heat loss up to 33%.


  • Use less water
  • Save costs
  • Improve efficiency of water heater – allows water tank to be set at lower tempeature
  • Minimal cost investment
  • Helps reduce risk of pipes freezing, reducing need for repairs


  • Water
  • Natural Gas
  • CO2

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