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Introduce bio plastics at concession

The scope of the world’s plastic problem is huge: it is estimated that up to 129 million tons (43%) of the plastic used per year is disposed of by landfill or incineration, and approximately 10 – 20 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans.

The vast majority of these plastics today will never break down. Petroleum plastics may degrade into smaller pieces, but most won’t decompose or be absorbed by the surrounding environment.

If you run a concession stand in your facility think about the amount of single-use plastics can be reduced or how the plastic packing could be replaced by durable bioplastics made from plant materials. This way energy and materials are conserved.


  • Reduce the amount of plastic that ends up being incinerated, remains in landfill, or pollutes oceans.


  • Petroleum resource needed to make plastic
  • Energy used to make the plastic

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