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Smart parking lot outlets

Intelligent parking lot controllers have the potential to produce significant energy savings and could slash the arena’s plug-in expenses up to 50 per cent, yet ensure trouble-free starts for staff or guests. 

In contrast to earlier types of controllers, they save energy by automatically adjusting power at car plugs as a function of outside temperatures. 

Above -5° C, outlets receive no power. As the temperature drops, progressively more power is cycled to the outlets. Below -20° C power stays on all the time. 

Plug power is controlled either from a central panel or by circuitry built inside the receptacle – the so called “intelligent”parking lot controllers that use tell tale lights to show if there is a problem with block heaters or cords. 

If Yukon government converted all of the 1,603 conventional plug-in outlets it manages to intelligent parking lot control units, it could save approximately 80,206 kilowatts per year. That is roughly the same amount of electricity used by six residential houses to meet all of their electricity needs for an entire year.


  • Reduce the electricity consumed by the vehicle’s heating device by an average of 32.4% which represents a savings of 2,852 kilowatts per unit per year.
  • Provides a simple and low-cost alternative to a conventional heating source that northerners use regularly without the need for external timers or additional gadgets.
  • Can be programmed for tailored use, which ensures the units are effective under conditions of significant variability.


  • Electricity
  • CO2

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