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Upgrade to sensor driven showers

After play, users often enter the dressing room and immediately turn on the showers and let them run for extended periods while taking off their equipment. This hot water is expensive and a waste of energy.

Sensor water control technology is available for arenas to control the flow of water in showers. Instead of having to shut off the water manually when it’s not actively being used, the flow pauses automatically when the user steps away. When ready to rinse, the user steps back under the shower-head, and the water flow returns immediately, at the same pressure and temperature as before, allowing for an easy reduction in water consumption in the shower.

User won’t be happy with sensor driven showers if the hot water doesn’t come on fast. Therefore high efficiency water heaters and on demand water heaters play an important role when it comes to sensor driven showers.


  • Use less (hot) water
  • Reduce energy cost


  • Water
  • Natural Gas
  • CO2