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Install dual-flush toilets

There is really no downside to dual-flush toilets. They use about 0.8 gallons (apx. 3 litres) per flush for liquid waste and the standard 1.6 gallons (apx. 6.1 litres) for solid waste. It is a concept that makes sense.

An average dual-flush user flushes 4.8 gallons (apx. 18.2 litres) per day, as opposed to 8 gallons (apx. 30.3 litres) for toilets that use 3.5 gallons (apx. 13.2 litres) per flush. When you compare a dual-flush to a conventional low-flow toilet, the dual-flush uses about 25% less water.

Installing a low-flow or dual-flush toilet is not anymore difficult than installing a traditional toilet.


  • Conserve water


  • Water approximately 50%

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