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Install automatic resurfacer water fill

There is a risk of water overflow in an arena’s ice resurfacing room. Traditionally ice resurfacing machines, when left unattended could overflow with hot or cold water, because the water was not shut off when the machine was full. This wasted water and natural gas (if the water is hot).

Installing an automatic water filling system will prevent the ice resurfacer from overflowing. Systems are equipped with a remote sensor mounted on the resurfacer, a solenoid valve and a control unit.
When the resurfacing tank is full and starts to overflow, the sensor detects it and sends a radio signal which is picked up by the control unit. The control unit then shuts off the hot or cold (see: resurfacing water treatment to use unheated water ) water valve.
The system is automated and can be programmed for the size of the ice resurfacer’s tank. The arena operators can attend to other facility maintenance and business while the ice resurfacer is being filled.


  • Reduce the amount of water used in the arena
  • Free up time of a staff member during filling process
  • Water and natural gas (if you are using hot water to flood the ice)


  • CO2
  • Operations crew hours (e.g. clean up of spilled water)
  • Health and safety of operations crew (e.g. slips on spilled water)