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Establish no idling zones

Air pollution is harmful to everyone, but there are some people who are more at risk than others such as Children (14 and under) and older people (65 and older). They are more susceptible to the effects of air pollution and so are people with respiratory conditions, like asthma, or heart problems.

Many facilities are introducing no idling zones immediately outside entrances to the building in consideration of air quality for the people who enter and exit.

No-idling zones could be used as a way to decrease the level of pollutants those people most at risk are exposed to.

Studies show that turning off an engine after 60 seconds will save fuel and reduce GHG emissions.


  • Better air quality
  • Avoid burning fuel and producing CO2 emissions
  • Idling for 10 seconds or more uses more fuel and produces more CO2 than restarting the engine


  • Fuel
  • GHG emissions

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