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Invest in an electric ice resurfacer

There are a number of reasons for going electric. Electric resurfacers eliminate the pollution inside the arena in the form of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both gases are dangerous exhaust gases given off by internal combustion engines.

Electric ice resurfacers might be more expensive than propane or natural gas powered systems. However, much of this cost difference can be offset over time by lower operating costs.

Some ballpark costs are: Propane fuel for a year is about $5,000; electricity is about $1,000. Maintenance for the internal combustion engine is about $5,000; for the electric, it can run to about $3,000. A one-time cost of $1,000 for a charging station will be required.

What needs to be factored in is the cost of battery replacement at intervals of five to seven years. Current battery costs are estimated at about $12,000. The rapid pace of battery development and the savings accruing from high volume production for the automotive industry, this cost might decline sharply before the need for a first replacement in perhaps six years’ time.


  • Lower operating cost
  • Eliminating pollution inside the arena


  • Propane, fuel or natural gas (depending on ice resurfacer)
  • CO2

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