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Implement energy management system

Controlling temperature, energy efficiency and reliability of the ice plant can be achieved with a computer controlled energy management system. In comparison to the same refrigeration system without a computer control system, energy savings can be greater than 20%.

An energy management system can adjust the plant to the present weather conditions and facility usage to run most efficiently.

Pre-programmed settings can be applied for hockey, figure skating and public skating in which the ice temperature is adjusted automatically, including the lights above the ice, to match the current on-ice program.

Off-hour programming will help to reduce energy consumption. It allows the ice temperatures to rise during nighttime hours, or inversely pre-chilling the ice prior to peak demand hours.


  • Efficient and reliable control of refrigeration system, brine pumps, ice temperature, lighting and illumination levels, ventilation equipment, heating systems, domestic hot water heating
  • Less maintenance costs and extended equipment life
  • Convenience for operators
  • Less equipment redundancies
  • Improved ice quality
  • Downtime reduced


  • Electricity approximately 20%

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