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Collect rainwater for flood water

Some arena operators collect rainwater outside their arena. Captured rainwater can be used in landscaping, toilets / urinals, for making and maintaining ice surfaces, and more. Using rainwater for making and resurfacing ice sheets is suitable in high rainfall communities. An NHL-size ice surface requires about 14978.55 gallons (56,700 litres) of water to make a 1.25” (3.12 cm) thick sheet of ice. It takes about 2” (5.08 cm) of water to build an ice sheet from scratch.


  • Decreases demand on local water supply
  • Capture area can be added to unused arena space such as on arena roofs. Every 13,000 square foot (1,207.73 metres) section can capture more than 7925.16 gallons (30,000 litres) of rainwater
  • Often less expensive than drilling a well


  • Rainfall storage – ensure enough space for rainwater collection and storage time
  • Acceptable locations for downspouts and downspout intercepts
  • Debris management


  • Municipal water

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