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Replace arena slab

Under the ice in arenas there is a slab that is above the embedded brine (used to keep the ice frozen) tube network. A brand new slab and energy efficient upgrades will result in gas, hydro and greenhouse gas savings (GHG).

In older ice slabs (e.g. more than 30 years), many components will need to be replaced. This will ensure its ongoing availability to the many local ice user groups, and will avoid the added costs of emergency replacement. Over time, the ice slab will shift, which eventually causes the pipes underneath to crack and start leaking brine.

Ice slab upgrade projects include:

  • Disassemble the existing dasher boards and arena glass system
  • Stabilize existing masonry walls which include structural framing and sheathing – this phase is required to be completed before the next phase
  • Replace ice rink refrigeration piping system
  • Removal and replacement of the concrete slab, including new heating and cooling lines


  • Less energy costs


  • Electricity
  • CO2

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