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Upgrade arena lighting to LED

Many rinks might have already upgraded metal halide lights for energy saving LED lights, saving 60 percent of the energy previously required. On top, local utilities reduce the return on investment time substantially by offering incentives.

In addition to the energy savings, LED arena lighting is built to last. Many warranties guarantee maintenance-free bright light for years and eliminate the need to replace burnt out bulbs and failed ballasts.

LED produces far less heat, compared to previous lighting technologies, so chillers won’t have to work as hard.  Also, LED lighting in your arena helps keep the ice harder for summer hockey and the floor cooler for summer box lacrosse.

Areas off the ice: remove all old fluorescent (T12 )/ halogen / incandescent technology and upgrade to LED lights.


  • Better, brighter light in the arena
  • Load reduction on the chiller
  • Likely utility incentives available
  • Potential utility incentives available


  • Electricity up to 60%

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