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Glenlee Community Centre Rink

Glenlee Community Centre was established at the corner of St. Anne’s and Worthington Avenues in 1951. It was a vibrant club with lots of activities, volunteers and well known “Dances” that offered the youth in the community an opportunity to get-together and dance, which was an important part of life back then! Bingos and fundraisers were held to make improvements and to save for the building of the Main Hall, which eventually moved a block down Worthington after the land at the corner was sold in exchange for the balance of the money needed to build it. Once the money was in place, Walter Jennings, Bill Graham, Bob Anderson, Fred Peters and many, many more volunteers began building the Main Hall which still stands to this day, strong as ever!

176 Worthington Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2M 1R7, Canada