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Dakota Spirit Arena

Langdon Area Hockey Boosters, Inc. is an association of volunteers promoting hockey, old timers hockey, figure skating, and general skating for the enjoyment of people of this county and area.

The 130′x230′ steel frame metal clad building was constructed the summer of 1996 with the first skating season for 1996-1997 winter. Many volunteer hours were provided in the construction of this building and interior. A Zamboni room including the heating system, dressing rooms, concession area and bathrooms were constructed inside the building. In 2000, the artificial ice plant and cement floor was added to the arena. This allowed the club to have ice earlier and keep it longer in the spring. The work was done by Cimco out of Winnipeg.Then in 2005, new hockey boards were installed in the arena. This again was a major purchase and lots of donations helped with this purchase. The last major purchase was the new Zamboni. It was purchased in 2007. We are fortunate to have such an up to date facility for our kids to play in.

With the addition of the cement floor, the arena has been used for numerous Music Fest concerts as well as indoor sales and other interests. It is nice to have a large area inside if needed, by anyone who wants to rent the facility.

We have been very fortunate to have such dedicated people involved with the arena. They have put in countless hours in the construction, upkeep, fundraising, and just whatever it takes to keep the organization going. It is a great facility and again, Thank You to everyone that has contributed to it.

1801 11th Avenue, Langdon, ND 58249